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CC Chapter Mexico

The Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) Community Activities Fund (CAF) encourages and supports members of CCGN to further the open movement and our common vision in their country and region. It helps the CCGN members to strengthen their work and foster an inclusive and diverse commons. The Fund supports projects from any individuals, teams, or organizations advancing the mission and work of an inclusive commons and aligns with the values and principles of theCreative Commons Global Network Strategy.


CAF支持各种各样的项目,无论你是想为学校的孩子举办一个外联活动,举办一个讲座,举办一个公开活动,开始一个项目来展示开放授权的乐趣,还是想创造很酷的材料来支持你的工作,这个基金是为你准备的!As you prepare your application, please note:

  • Applicants must be a member of theCreative Commons Global Network
  • Applicants must prepare a description of their project and a basic budget
  • The minimum amount isUS$200, the maximumUS$1000per application
  • Applications may be submitted in English, Spanish, French, or Arabic
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CAF will not fund in-person meetings in 2021/2022
  • The project must becompleted before 31 March 2022


The CAF is designed as a quick response fund which will release resources to Network members and Chapters quickly. Projects are assessed on a quarterly basis.

The applications will be evaluated by the Creative Commons Community Engagement Manager and a volunteer committee of CC Chapter Leads and/or Network members.


Recipients of the CAF are expected to fill in a reporting template to notify us of their progress. The results from the projects will be shared with the wider CCGN and may also be used in wider Creative Commons communications.


The 2021 CAF has US$8000 available. Please note:

  • Once an application has received funding under the CAF, applicants are not eligible to apply for CAF funding again within the same financial year
  • Once a project has received funding under the CAF, the project is not eligible for receiving further CAF funding within the same financial year
  • Rejected applications are free to reapply for funding under the CAF within the same financial year

Ready to apply? Visit our 2021 CAF Application Portal

Projects under previous CAF funding

Thanks to the CC Global Network Community Activities Fund, our Chapter was able to launch a Legal Clinic onMedia & The Arts in Digital Environment, aimed at providing legal analysis and advice to independent creators, but also to start-ups in media and digital arts and organizations of stakeholders in the creative industries.
The clinic engages students from law faculties and specialized Intellectual Property programs in giving pro-bono legal advice to independent artists, musicians, designers, and independent producers, while encouraging application of CC licenses, advertising the values of “openness”, and educating the community on IP issues.

CC Chapter Bulgaria

The Community Activities Fund really helped us to be awesome. We hosted a great seminar and volunteers from multiple open communities gave talks there and distributed some promotional materials among the participants.

CC Chapter Bangladesh

Thanks to the Fund, CC Tanzania was able to train school pupils and young lawyers on the benefits of Creative Commons Licenses, as well as on being creative, active and proactive in sharing knowledge and resources. Both the school group as well as the young lawyers established CC Clubs which are still active today and involved in CC Tanzania’s work.

CC Chapter Tanzania

Use of CC trademarks
If you publish content in connection with your funded project,you may use the CC logo and other trademarksto refer to Creative Commons and/or the CC legal tools. However, please take care to avoid giving the impression that the work is created or endorsed by Creative Commons. If you are unsure whether your use of the trademarks implies endorsement, please reach out tolegal@www.familygiver.comfor approval.