Creative Commons Chapters

Chapters serve as the central coordinators of the work of the individuals and institutions participating within a country in support of the Creative Commons Global Network. A Chapter is constituted by all Network Members, Institutional Members and other contributing people and organizations working in a particular country.

This page provides the information on the current Chapters and any efforts to create Chapters worldwide. For more information on why and how to participate or create a Chapter, please check out the resources below:

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Name Date founded Email Chapter Lead GNC Representative Url Website
CC Belgium December, 06. 2018 Nicolas Pettiaux Agnez Bewer No url No website
CC Morocco December, 16. 2020 Hanae Lrhoul Hanae Lrhoul View View
CC Czech Republic March, 01. 2020 Lucie Smolka Lucie Smolka View No website
CC Austria July, 09. 2020 Alexander Baratsits Gernot Hausar No url View
CC Peru August, 15. 2020 Clara Cubas Miguel Morachimo No url No website
CC South Africa October, 03. 2019 Paul West Derek Moore No url View
CC Japan September, 18. 2019 Mitsuru Maekawa Tomoaki Watanabe View View
CC Paraguay October, 10. 2018 Lu Pa Maricarmen Sequera No url View
CC Colombia February, 27. 2019 Alejandro Angel Maria Juliana Soto View View
CC Norway August, 13. 2019 Christer Gundersen Gisle Hannemyr No url View
CC Nepal July, 21. 2018 Kshitiz Khanal Roshan Kumar Karn No url No website
CC India September, 01. 2018 Savithri Singh Subhashish Panigrahi No url View
CC Slovenia May, 06. 2019 Žiga Vrtacic Maja Bogataj Jančič No url No website
CC France March, 16. 2019 bourcier Primavera De Filippi View No website
CC Uganda February, 08. 2019 Primah Kwagala Brian Ssennoga View View
CC Canada September, 18. 2018 Gryph Theriault-Loubier Christina Hendricks View View
CC USA July, 24. 2018 Meredith Jacob Ethan Senack View View
CC Brazil January, 29. 2019 Leonardo Foletto JULIANA MONTEIRO View View
CC Argentina October, 03. 2018 Matías Butelman Franco Giandana View View
CC Panama June, 30. 2018 Lia Patricia Hernández Pérez Margorie Merel View No website
CC Venezuela July, 07. 2018 Jose Luis Mendoza Arturo Sánchez Pineda View View
CC El Salvador July, 05. 2018 Emilio Velis Evelyn Del Pinal View View
CC Mexico July, 04. 2018 Ivan Martinez Irene Soria View View
CC Uruguay June, 28. 2018 Aldo Álvarez IleanaSilva View View
CC Ecuador June, 19. 2018 SaraBolañosMuñoz Edgar José Rosero Villacís View View
CC Italy December, 06. 2018 Deborah De Angelis Deborah De Angelis View View
CC Finland December, 15. 2018 Tarmo Toikkanen Susanna Ånäs No url View
CC Poland October, 18. 2018 Natalia Mileszyk Alek Tarkowski View View
CC Portugal November, 14. 2018 Teresa Nobre Teresa Nobre View View
CC Germany October, 18. 2018 Paul Klimpel Till Kreutzer No url View
CC Denmark October, 01. 2018 Peter Leth Christian Villum View View
CC Netherlands September, 14. 2018 Sebastiaan ter Burg Hessel van Oorschot No url View
CC Turkey July, 26. 2018 Orcun Madran Ilkay Holt View View
CC United Kingdom June, 30. 2018 Kelly Foster Graham Steel View View
CC Bulgaria June, 24. 2018 Ana Lazarova Siyanna Lilova View No website
CC Indonesia January, 26. 2019 Fitriayu Hilman Fathoni View View
CC Aotearoa New Zealand October, 30. 2018 Mandy Henk Mandy Henk View View
CC Hong Kong October, 25. 2018 Haggen So Yahong Li View View
CC Taiwan June, 30. 2018 Lucien Cheng-hsia Lin Hua Chao Hung View View
CC Bangladesh June, 23. 2018 Nasir Khan Mostafa Azad Kamal View View
CC Australia May, 29. 2018 Elliott, Robin Wright Katya Henry View View
CC Jordan July, 11. 2018 Razan Al-Hadid Issa Mahasneh View No website
CC Algeria September, 05. 2018 Kamel Belhamel Kamel Belhamel View View
CC Nigeria 8月11日。2018 Helen Chuma-Okoro Kayode Yussuf View No website
CC Ghana July, 28. 2018 Felix Nartey Raphael Berchie View View
CC Kenya July, 25. 2018 Elizabeth Lenjo Hildah Nyakwaka View View
CC Tanzania July, 13. 2018 Aristarik Hubert Maro Emmanuel T. Malongo View View
CC Rwanda June, 18. 2018 Boris Bahire Kabeja Evode Mukama No url View