2021 Regional Meetings

In 2021, the CC Global Network Executive Committee (ExCom) is pleased to introduce support for a Regional Meeting Series. The ExCom has identified a current need for more regional support for Network members.

This is a collaboration between the ExCom, CC Community Engagement staff, and Network members. We invite applications from individuals or teams who wish to host these meetings and take the lead on building the content. Support for communications, registration and technology (including the digital meeting platform) will be provided by CC staff.

Regions are subjectively interpreted. We welcome applications that reflect a group of communities or countries. You do not need to cover an entire continent! Applicants may select their own target region, sub-region, group of countries or communities. Some examples of common ground can be sharing the same language or socio-economical and cultural vicinities. Tell us about who you are trying to reach!

A kit containing sample programming ideas will be provided to successful applicants, and we welcome your creativity in creating the content. Your event may aim to provide networking opportunities, show-and-tell of current projects, or feature ways to get involved on a more local level.

Things to consider as you prepare your application:

Apply to host a Regional Meeting

Language Diversity

The Regional Meetings aim to increase opportunities for our members in their preferred/native language. We welcome applications for meetings in the language you and your community are most comfortable with.


Sept 2021

  • Applications to host Regional Meetings open


  • ExCom review applications and select successful proposals
  • Successful applicants notified
  • First planning meetings held with Regional teams
  • Planning continues
  • Registration for Regional Meeting participants opens

Nov/Dec 2021 and beyond

  • Regional Meetings held, times/dates TBD based on applications


What will the Regional leads/teams be responsible for?

  • Apply with a target region/sub-region/group of countries/communities in mind
  • Create the content/agenda for the meeting
  • Deliver the content (you may invite an ExCom member or CC Staff member to present)
  • Connecting with local Chapters/CC Chapter Leads to collaborate

What resources/support will be provided by CC staff?

  • Set up and monitor registration process/ticketing
  • Communications (CC blog, social media, newsletters, Slack channels)
  • Provide training on meeting tools and platform (Hopin)
  • Present/lead a session if invited to do so
  • Help the regional team to reach out a keynote speaker


  • Attend and support the meetings
  • Communicate/share with their networks
  • Present/lead a session if invited to do so
  • Help the regional team to reach out a keynote speaker

Ready to apply? Visit our application portal!