A snapshot in time

Meet the Creative Commons Global Network

What keeps me involved are the friendships that have been developed. In the sense of having people who want you to believe everywhere in the world. These communities feel like people you went to high school with and you come together and always have something to talk about. There is a sense of commitment to the values of CC. It is slow, but we are steadily seeing the benefits. There is also a sense of advancement: we have seen how it has developed over the years. We can see the results that are starting to pay off. There is the value that we celebrate the achievements of communities that are not part of our own, but they have done something for us [collectively].
We are the glue that sticks us all together.

1-on-1 interviewee

In 2017, the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN)Strategywas finalized. After two years of implementing structural changes flowing from the strategy, it felt timely to have a conversation with the network members. We wanted to gather feedback and carry out research on the perspectives of network members, at a specific point in time. What was working? What wasn’t working? Why are people here?

CC drafted aResearch Brief, which sets out what aspects we wanted to learn about and how to collect the information. Isla Haddow-Flood from South Africa conducted a survey and interviews between December 2019 and February 2020. Many of you – our Global Network members – were involved in this and we are grateful to both Isla and you for taking the time!

This page includes an outline of some of the findings. The full report and Executive Summary are available as a download (Full ReportandExecutive Summary).

A Sense of Belonging

主要因素是人。遇见对的人。说服他们,CC是重要的,可以成为机构的一种选择。I always believe that people are at the core of everything.

1-on-1 interviewee

A key motivation for people joining and actively engaging in the Global Network ties to belonging. People are driven to be part of a group, working together towards a common goal. Our Network members value each other and value the ability to exchange ideas and expertise. Most important is the feeling of being part of something bigger.

To belong and be part of a group of people working towards a common goal is an important drive and motivation for people joining, staying and actively engaging in the Network. People value each other, their expertise exchange, and the feeling of being part of something bigger!

Common threads for belonging were:

  • Doing important work together
  • Working for the greater good of society
  • Trust
  • Friendship and community
  • Finding one’s ‘tribe’
  • Impact and recognition, both locally and globally

Find out morein the full report.

Involvement in the Movement

I am doing this work as an implementor, creator, trainer and license user because I believe in the power of sharing and the content. I do it because it is good for society.

1-on-1 interviewee

Reasons why people are involved, not only with the Creative Commons community, but with the Global Network specifically, are plentiful. Some of the main drivers include building and maintaining a global community for the good of society, as well as advocating for change on local and global levels. People are engaged and involved in the work of the Network to make the world a better place. Our community is one of advocates, implementers, project creators, community builders, and many others. We come together around the idea of open sharing.

Common threads for involvement were:

  • Advocacy and policy
  • Furthering the good of society
  • Building local community and being part of a global community
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Meeting one’s ‘heroes’

Find out morein the full report.

Opportunities to Improve

Several needs were identified that need to be addressed so that the Global Network can be as valuable as possible to its members, allowing them to reach their full potential as participants in the open movement.

解决这些需求的实施计划将纳入2021年和2022年网络的总体工作计划。Major needs identified by the research include:

  • Pathways and processes to guide people and institutions into and through the Network
  • Coordination and discoverability of existing resources for Network members to access and reuse, ranging from documentation to individual expertise
  • Detailing of recommended official positions within each Chapter, to allow for better internal Chapter structures and cross-Chapter collaboration
  • Formalizing peer-to-peer connections to enable pathways to Network entrance, opportunities for knowledge sharing, and mentorship
  • Exploring opportunities for regional coordination
  • Having communications and resources more broadly available in languages other than English

The Full Report

The full report contains many valuable insights, not just about how the Creative Commons Global Network works, what motivates its members, and what opportunities there are for growth, but it also speaks to overarching themes in mission-driven movements more broadly. We encourage anyone who may be interested todownload and read the full report.