Meet the Winners of the CC Open GLAM Platform Activities Fund!


During the CC Global Summit, we had our “CC Open GLAM Platform Meeting”, where we had the opportunity to present several of the activities that we are running with the Open GLAM Platform Activities Fund. We’re delighted to announce the five winners of the General Projects of the Open GLAM Platform Activities Fund.

TheCC Open GLAM Platformis a space to help coordinate efforts to aggregate, advertise, connect, and support open access to cultural heritage initiatives and projects. This year, CC launched an Activities Fund to support Open GLAM related activities by Platform members. In my role as Facilitator of the Platform, I presented abudget planthat received input and feedback from the community. We had three main allocations for the money:

  1. Open GLAM short stories from the Global South and/or underrepresented communities;
  2. General Projects;
  3. Visualization of the “Survey of GLAM Open Access policy & practice,” created by Douglas McCarthy and Dr. Andrea Wallace

You can read some of the Open GLAM short stories as they are being published on theOpen GLAM Medium publication. We will be working withMajd Al-shihabito create the visualization of the “Open GLAM survey”.

在这篇博客文章中,我们在一般类别中展示了五个获奖的项目。我们也热情地感谢所有的申请者和评选委员会的成员:图书馆和信息资源委员会全球战略计划主任Nicole Ferraiolo;Jorge Gemetto,乌拉圭知识共享组织成员卡塔尔vs葡萄牙分析,在线文化中心“Ártica”的联合主任;瑞典国家博物馆数字协调员、Europeana版权共同体主席Karin Glasemann;以及维基媒体基金会GLAM和underrepresentation Knowledge项目官员Satdeep Gill。

  • The AfroCine Project: Months of African Cinema

Sam Oyeyele is a long time volunteer of the Wikimedia community, where he has been involved withThe AfroCine Project该项目是一个多国家、多层面的项目,旨在通过互联网改善和扩大关于几个非洲国家、加勒比地区和海外侨民的历史和当代电影、戏剧和艺术部门的数字知识和内容。这个项目的愿景是通过将真实的非洲故事和观点纳入主流,弥合巨大的内容差距,改善对非洲大陆的系统性偏见。通过维基百科和其他姊妹项目,使有关非洲历史和当代电影、戏剧和艺术的文章、引文、图像、视频和数据在网上以不同语言随时可得。One of their main activities is the “Months of African Cinema” global Wikipedia contest, happening now between October-November. We’re supporting some of the expenses related to the organization of the “Months of African Cinema” contest.

  • Heritage GLAM

Rupika Sharma is currently serving as Director of the non for profit organization Open Heritage Foundation. Open Heritage Foundation is an incorporated non-profit thematic organization to support initiatives for bringing underrepresented knowledge on the Internet, and they are an affiliated Network member of Creative Commons Global Network since 2019.

Their project will be working with a GLAM institution in India to digitize and release Punjabi public domain works on Wikimedia Commons.

Punjabi public domain works on Wikimedia Commons
Some of the works that the Punjabi community has uploaded and corrected in Wikisource through different contests.

Some of the works that the Punjabi community has uploaded and corrected in Wikisource through different contests.

If you are interested in knowing more about Rupika and the work the Open Heritage Foundation is doing in India, make sure to check her astonishing post “Lose yourself in Journey to Global Folklore with the winners of Wiki Loves Folklore,” about their Wiki Loves Folklore contest on the network publicationCreative Commons: We like to share.

  • Spreading GLAM-Wiki resources in Brazil

João Alexandre Peschanski is doing amazing work on the ground to help Brazilian GLAMs, together withWiki Movimento Brazil. In their article “Opening up the collection of a closed museum in Brazil” on theOpen GLAM Medium在Open GLAM短篇小说基金的资助下,他们与我们分享了他们在巴西开放收藏的方法。

但他们也通过“在巴西传播gama - wiki资源”项目获得资金,该项目将开发葡萄牙语教程,以帮助那些愿意在互联网上分享馆藏/内容但缺乏明确路线图的文化机构。在巴西,对这些资源的需求是关键,因为一些机构资源不足(他们通常只有一个工作人员),不能做出额外的努力来将馆藏/内容带到数字领域。这种情况与来自富裕国家的收藏品/内容的普遍存在直接相关。

You can see João’s recorded presentation of their project here:

  • Online Ugandan GLAM Directory

Eric Nelson Haumba is the Public Lead of CC Uganda. In this opportunity, he is working to make an online directory of GLAM institutions in Uganda. This information will be freely available online through a GLAM directory where interested persons globally can check-in and access fundamental facts and information about Ugandan GLAM institutions. This directory is a representative source of basic GLAM statistics and a robust tool providing institutional-level data and a nationwide comparison of GLAMs in Uganda. This will allow the CC chapter and other communities to design different activities to help these GLAM institutions embrace open access to cultural heritage.

Screenshot of the current status of the online directory being designed by Eric Haumba.
Screenshot of the current status of the online directory being designed by Eric Haumba.
  • Enhancing Public Domain in Indonesia: Catalog and Re-Make Project

Hilman Fathoni and Fitriayu Penyalai are longtime members of CC Indonesia. Their project wants to show the value of the public domain in Indonesia. For that, they will be creating an open-access catalog of public domain works from Indonesia, and inviting a visual artist from Indonesia to create a remix using some of the public domain works currently available online. These activities will be presented in a webinar series, where the members of CC Indonesia will explain some of the core concepts of the public domain and how it works, the function of their open-access catalog, and invite the visual artist to talk about the remix of the public domain works resulting from this project.

We look forward to seeing project results soon, and we expect these projects to fuel more Open GLAM activities in 2021 and beyond.