A Look Back at the 2020 Virtual CC Global Summit

Alison Pearce

1300+ participants | 200+ presenters | 170+ sessions | 60+ countries

CC Global Summit Map
A map showing where participants to the CC Global Summit attended from! Courtesy of Hopin.


Facing 2020 at the CC Global Summit

当我们在2019年秋季开始参加2020年CC峰会时,我们无法想象今年将带来的独特挑战和机遇。The patience, passion, and perseverance displayed by our staff, volunteers, and open community members helped create an event which aimed to, in thewordsof CC’s Claudio Ruiz, “find a path forward in hope and optimism.”

今年,我们比以往任何时候都更希望CC全球峰会成为一个将人们聚集在一起、培养关系、鼓励合作、探索新问题并为困难问题提供安全场所的空间。The response to Irene Soria Guzmán’skeynote, “Hacer feminista lo abierto: poniendo nuevos engranes a la cultura libre!” makes us believe we succeeded in that aim. Irene asked participants to look at the open movement through a feminist lens to find new ways of understanding authorship and power, creating bridges across our differences. It was encouraging to see so many community members accept her challenge with grace and enthusiasm.

We also introduced a new session at the 2020 Summit, a global land acknowledgement, where we examined ideas of colonialism, power dynamics, and our own biases as we remixed a version for use in a virtual setting. The end result is a unique visual interpretation of those conversations by artistSonaksha Iyengar(above).

What’s next?

CC Global Summit Artwork Maro Villar
Credit: Maco Villar (CC-BY).

Over the next week or so, we’ll be publishing all three of theCC Summit keynoteswith transcripts to increase accessibility, so stay tuned! While we recorded all 170+ sessions, we plan to first receive permission from the speakers to publicly release these recordings and then create a catalog on the CC Global Summit website of the approved videos. We ask for your patience and understanding during this process, as it will take some time to ensure we respect the privacy of everyone who appeared on video. If you’re eager for video content in the meantime,check out the concert!We also released a campaign featuring the 2020 CC Global Summit artwork by Chilean artist Marco Villar. You can nowpurchase t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and tote bagswith this year’s artwork, and support Creative Commons at the same time! Want to make your own CC Summit-inspired pieces?Download the artwork here.

Thank you!

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who made this event one of our best yet, despite all that’s happened in 2020. This includes the volunteers who wowed us with their energy, responsiveness, and commitment throughout the event, as well as the presenters and performers who made this event a unique and exciting adventure. Each of you gave us the insight and the opportunity to imagine what the open movement could be in the future, and for that, we are incredibly grateful.

The 2020 CC Global Summit also wouldn’t have been possible without our generous sponsors:


As a nonprofit, Creative Commons relies on the generosity of the public to make events, like the CC Global Summit, possible. Every dollar helps us continue to unlock and expand the limits of open, driving innovation, collaboration, and creativity.Please join us in pushing the boundaries of open by making a gift to CC today!