‘Towards Better Sharing of Cultural Heritage’ Workshop — Help us develop a CC Open Culture Guide for Policymakers

Brigitte Vézina Ony Anukem

Join us at the‘Towards Better Sharing of Cultural Heritage’ Workshopon Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 3 PM UTC as we kickstart the development of a CC Open Culture Guide for Policymakers.

This digital workshop will continue the work of the newly released paper “Towards Better Sharing of Cultural Heritage — An Agenda for Copyright Reform”. We will bring together policy experts and open culture enthusiasts from around the world to help shape the first ever CC Open Culture Guide for Policymakers.



As a participant, you will have the opportunity to share your views and have your say in one of our four breakout sessions:

  1. Open Culture in an Ideal World:Needs, goals and aspirations of the open culture movement
  2. Open Culture in our Current World:Problems, hurdles and challenges
  3. Bridging the Gap between Current and Ideal:Exploring solutions: exceptions and limitations and safeguarding the public domain
  4. New horizons:artificial intelligence, copyright and cultural heritage

Date:Tuesday 10 May 2022
Time:3:00 – 5:00 PM UTC |Check your local time zone
Location:Join us from wherever you are based! We’ll be using Zoom to host the event.

Our goal is to reach a common understanding of the purpose, structure, legal scope, and general content of a future CC Open Culture Guide for Policymakers, to be co-created by the CC copyright platform and wider open culture community.

This guide is intended to provide local policymakers with:

  • The technical knowledge and understanding of the GLAM sector
  • An overview of current and emerging policy issues, trends and challenges in order to action
  • Practical tools to develop key arguments and effectively advocate for reform in the GLAM sector to fruition
  • Steps to leverage the transformative power of access to cultural heritage to support and encourage people to enjoy their right to access culture
  • Tools to identify engagement opportunities to promote open access and better sharing of cultural heritage

Confirmed Panelists include:

  • Catherine Stihler|CEO of Creative Commons(welcome remarks)
  • Brigitte Vézina| Director of Policy and Open Culture at Creative Commons (Moderator)
  • Ramon Lugo, Legislative advisor, Senate of the Republic of Mexico
  • Maria Drabczyk,Head of Policy and Advocacy & Board Member, Centrum Cyfrowe
  • Mark Foster, Owner and Managing Director,Strategic Advisory Management
  • Shantal English| Copyright and Related Rights Manager, Jamaica Intellectual Property Office

We can’t develop this guide without your help, so get involved in developing a stable foundation for policy makers to further access to information, knowledge and culture.Register now >>