Netlabel Concert Cycle in Santiago: Noa Noa 2.0

noanoa-logoNoa Noa 2.0is an upcoming concert cycle for Chilean netlabels, organized byCC Chile‘s host institution,ONG Derechos Digitales, with support from the National Music Fund. This March through August, top netlabel musicians will take to the stage for free concerts in Santiago’sBar Constitucion. All of the performances will be professionally recorded and made available onwww.noanoa.clunder a Creative Commons license. Participants include several important Chilean netlabels, like the award-winningPueblo Nuevo.

While new music models enjoy success around the world, Pueblo Nuevo’s Mika Martiniexplains:

Netlabels are particularly useful tools in countries like ours, away from the major global economical centers. It is quite different to have a traditional label in places such as England, United States or Mexico where, if you edit 500 copies of a disc, it will probably be possible sell them because the market is wider and more open. But in Chile, netlabels are useful to get known and begin a career, or to experiment with music in total freedom.

Netlabels are becoming increasingly popular, in part due to the frequent use of Creative Commons licenses tolower transaction costsand facilitate legal sharing and distribution.

CC Chile Project Lead and Noa Noa 2.0 organizer Claudio Ruiz hasmore information的事件。