Creative Commons Contributions Policy

Creative Commons (“CC”) is an international, multi-stakeholder nonprofit organization. CC is diversely-funded by individuals, foundations, corporations, governments, and other institutions and agencies. CC accepts general operating support as well as program-specific funding for specific projects and initiatives. CC’s contributions policy is intended to encourage funding of CC while make clear that we will uphold the following principles and manifest them in all cash and in-kind funding agreements:

Funding Principles

  • All contributions will always and only ever be used to advance our vision, mission, and programs consistent with our obligations as a 501(c)(3) charity.
  • CC funders, sponsors, and donors will in no instance have control or decision-making authority around CC’s vision and mission, program implementation, or events such as the CC Global Summit. All CC funding discussions, agreements, and partnerships will reflect this principle without exception.
  • CC does not accept grants or contributions to lobby for specific legislation anywhere in the world, and will never promote a candidate for political office.
  • CC’s preference is for unrestricted contributions. The generosity and trust of an unrestricted contribution enables the organization to put the funds towards their best and highest use and to respond directly to unique challenges and opportunities as they arise and evolve. Nevertheless, CC does accept contributions for specific programs and purposes provided that such contributions are consistent with the CC’s mission, vision, priorities, and corporate charter and are not unreasonably restrictive.
  • In the unlikely event that funds are granted in support of a particular CC initiative that changes course significantly or is no longer pursued, funds will be allocated to a similar initiative consistent with the agreement under which the funds were received.
  • 捐款$10,000及以上通常会在CC的网站上公开,除非指定为匿名。在这种情况下,除非法律要求披露,CC将对所有有关捐赠者或潜在捐赠者身份的信息严格保密。

CC agreements, contracts, trusts, and other legal agreements will be reviewed, negotiated for compliance as needed, and approved by CC’s CEO, Director of Development, and legal counsel. Any contribution agreements that do not meet the principles of CC’s Contributions Policy will not be accepted.

除了我们的捐赠政策,知识共享遵守全面的捐赠者筛选政策。卡塔尔vs葡萄牙分析You can access that policyhere.