Creative Commons Certificate

The CC Certificate helps us work together to build an equitable, accessible, and innovative world through sharing open knowledge and culture.

Certificate Logo with colorful dots欢迎来到知识共享证书计划!卡塔尔vs葡萄牙分析证书项目提供关于CC许可、开放实践和公地精神的深入课程。课程由阅读、测验、讨论和实践练习组成,以培养学习者的开放技能。我们提供与该领域的专家助理和版权律师的个性化参与,并提供1:25(最高)的助理与课程参与者的比例。

目前,我们提供开放文化/ GLAM CC证书、学术图书馆员CC证书和教育工作者CC证书。课程面向所有人开放,从大学生、入门级专业人士到图书馆学、教育和文化遗产领域的专家。


The Educators and Academic Librarians courses are quite similar, though they differ in the final unit of content, as well as the community discussions.

  • Academic librarians will develop comprehensive knowledge in open education and open access. They will also gain access to a global community of librarians working on similar open access goals.
  • 教育者将开发开放教育的全面知识,包括开放教育资源(OER)和开放教育学。他们还将有机会接触到一个致力于类似开放教育目标的全球教育工作者社区。

CC Certificate for Open Culture/ GLAM

The CC Certificate for Open Culture/ GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) is a professional development training for institutions or community groups engaged in cultural or documentary heritage. As more GLAMs adapt to increasingly online audiences and users, they often seek Creative Commons legal tools, expertise and community support. Cultural heritage institutions share a common goal with Creative Commons: to make knowledge and culture globally accessible.
  • In the CC Certificate for Open Culture/ GLAM, community members will develop capacity in opening access to cultural heritage. They will develop a deeper understanding of open licensing and copyright considerations with digitization projects, Rights Statements, Traditional Knowledge Labels, working with the public domain, and more.
  • CC Certificate for Open Culture/ GLAM participants will also gain access to a global community of professionals and activists working toward similar cultural and policy changes in their own cultural heritage institutions.