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Laboratory Science—biomedical, byBill Dickinson,CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Open Science is the practice of science in such a way that others can collaborate and contribute, where research data, lab notes and other research processes are freely available, under terms that enable reuse, redistribution and reproduction of the research and its underlying data and methods. -FOSTEROpen Science Definition

多年来,知识共享协议一卡塔尔vs葡萄牙分析直参与项目和政策,以实现和支持科学信息的开放共享。The CClicensesandpublic domain tools被广泛用于共享科学研究和数据。我们还开发了软件和政策建议,使学者和政策制定者更容易倡导合作和信息交换的开放解决方案。


Science Commonswas launched in 2005 with the goal of bringing the openness and sharing that have made Creative Commons licenses a success in the arts and cultural fields to the world of science. Science Commons helped explore the intersection of the web, legal tools, and scholarly publishing for the benefit of scientific discovery, innovation, and collaboration. It has since been re-integrated with Creative Commons and is no longer a discrete project.

Creative Commons launched itsScholar’s Copyright Projectin June 2006, with one of the main components being theScholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine. This tool provides a simple mechanism for scholars to retain copyright over their published material that otherwise would be transferred to the publisher. It hasnow re-launched and updated in beta onCC Labs. TheTermination of Transfer toolhas also been released in beta.Once finalized, it will help authors learn if and when they have the right to terminate agreements under U.S. law, and regain their right their right to use CC tools to publish under open access terms.


开放科学的实践与向其他科学家和公众传播该研究密不可分。许多科学研究是由公众资助的,因此,人们越来越重视确保公众能够广泛获取公共资助科学的成果(文章和数据)。因此,倡议者呼吁在公共资助的研究资助中附加公开许可要求。这意味着,由公共资助开发的文章必须在自由开放的许可下共享(如CC BY),以便其他人获得阅读和重用公共资助研究的许可。Such policies are already in place in theUK, and are coming online at theEuropean level, in theUnited States, and elsewhere.

Universitiesandphilanthropic foundations也对其教员和受资助金者的研究文章和数据集采取开放许可政策。



PLOS(Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit scientific and medical publishing venture that provides scientists and physicians with high-quality, high-profile journals in which to publish their most important work.

mitMassachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries

MIT Libraries offers alocal version of the Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine, created by Creative Commons as a means of simplifying the process of implementing an addendum to retain scholarly rights when publishing.

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