CC welcomes Nate Angell

Catherine Stihler


A color headshot of Nate Angell wearing a blue shirt in front of a mossy stone wall.To better integrate our community and communications, we are now bringing them together into one common practice. I’m excited to announce that our next move in this direction is to welcome Nate Angell as our new Director of Communications and Community.

Nate作为一个长期的卡塔尔vs葡萄牙分析社区成员加入了知识共享,他一直致力于帮助教育工作者和机构采用和适应开放教育资源(OER),并传播支持开放知识实践的常用工具和基础设施的使用。You may already know Nate for his contribution of the “TV dinner vs smoothie” analogy that tries to help people understand the difference between loose collections and deep remixes of openly-licensed works.

Nate’s long experience cultivating open practices and tools with people working in schools, cultural institutions, libraries and archives, science and research, and journalism will enable him to help us all share the common purpose that unites all our wide-ranging collaborations and creations.

As he’s just getting started, I asked Nate to sum up how he’s feeling about his new role:

“I’m so excited to join Creative Commons and be able to engage full time with this truly global community that I’ve long seen is working to make the world better. When I look at everything happening around the world right now — both the wonderful and the troubling — I know the best thing I can be doing is to help as many people as possible share their creativity and their knowledge. We couldn’t do that without the fundamental infrastructure that Creative Commons provides, and I’ll be doing my best to spread it far and wide.”

Do you have thoughts about communications and community at Creative Commons? Nate wants to hear from you! Reach Nate and the whole Creative Commons team and community by joining ourmailing listorSlack, and engaging us onFacebook,Instagram, orTwitter. You can also reach Nate directly at, or as @xolotl onTwitterorMastodon.